Helpful Glassmann Family Coaching-Approved Resources

GFC-approved content, apps, books, and products.

12/15/20232 min read

person using laptop on white wooden table
person using laptop on white wooden table

In our pursuit of providing valuable resources for families, Glassmann Family Coaching is pleased to recommend a selection of content, apps, books, and products that have been approved by our team. With over 10 years of combined experience and education, we have carefully curated these recommendations to support individuals and couples in their personal growth and relationship development.

Esther Perel's Podcast: "Where Should We Begin?"

One highly recommended resource is Esther Perel's podcast, "Where Should We Begin?". Esther Perel is a renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author who specializes in relationships and intimacy. In her podcast, she shares real-life therapy sessions with couples, allowing listeners to gain insights into the complexities of relationships and the challenges they face.

To access the podcast, please visit Esther Perel's official website:

Terry Real's Book: "The New Rules of Marriage"

Terry Real is a highly respected family therapist and author known for his expertise in relationships. His book, "The New Rules of Marriage," offers a fresh perspective on the dynamics of modern relationships and provides practical advice on how to navigate the complexities of marriage.

If you are looking for valuable insights and actionable strategies to strengthen your marriage, we highly recommend reading "The New Rules of Marriage" by Terry Real. To learn more about the book, please visit Terry Real's official website:

John & Julie Gottman's Couples Questions App

John and Julie Gottman are renowned relationship experts who have conducted extensive research on what makes relationships thrive. They have developed a highly-researched, evidence-based set of questions for couples to answer together as a means of deepening their connection and understanding of one another.

Their "couples questions" are available in the form of a card-based "decks" app, which can be downloaded for free. This app provides a structured and engaging way for couples to engage in meaningful conversations and strengthen their bond.

To access the Gottman Couples Questions app, please visit their official website:

These recommendations have been carefully selected by Glassmann Family Coaching based on our extensive experience and education in the field of family dynamics and relationship counseling. We believe that these resources can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support to individuals and couples on their journey towards personal growth and stronger relationships.

Whether you are seeking to improve your communication skills, deepen your emotional connection, or navigate the challenges of marriage, we trust that these approved content, apps, books, and products will be valuable additions to your personal development toolkit.

At Glassmann Family Coaching, we are committed to empowering families to thrive and supporting individuals in their pursuit of personal fulfillment. We encourage you to explore these recommended resources and discover the transformative impact they can have on your life and relationships.