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Many romantic or co-parenting relationships are strong on the whole; there are just one or two disconnects which require agreement.

Our consensus coaching is for everything from marital decisions to post-divorce co-parenting. In fact, our coaching can help people agree whether to marry in the first place. Other examples include whether to move in together, buy a house, have children, blend families, and many others.

Most clients reach agreement in a handful of sessions. And the service is offered through a secure Zoom call, so you can attend from wherever is most comfortable to you.

If you've been skirting around a sticking point, consensus coaching is designed to finally solve it. It's a quick way to reach comfortable agreement.

Here's a common example:
Consider the issue of budgeting. Whether navigating co-parenting after divorce or managing finances as a married couple, reaching a consensus on a budget is essential. A therapist or friend may identify the need for budget reconciliation, but the practical aspects of budgeting can't be addressed in therapy itself. So, often a therapist or friend will refer clients to us. In this context, our job is to guide clients through numbers until both people feel comfortable.

two person holding hands while standing
two person holding hands while standing

What is consensus coaching?

Joint Sessions
Participants join the call on separate, respective devices. Each session focuses on one specific issue at a time.

The initial session lasts two hours with a ten-minute break. It consists of some initial intake followed by consensus coaching.

Subsequent joint sessions are scheduled only as needed. They can be set for two hours or ninety minutes with a ten-minute break.

Many people find agreement within three sessions or less. Remarkably challenging topics rarely extend beyond six sessions.

How do sessions work?

person sitting front of laptop
person sitting front of laptop

We also offer individual (1:1) coaching.

Individual (1:1) Sessions
Scheduled only as needed, these sessions complement joint coaching by providing 1:1 guidance between joint sessions.

1:1 coaching is also an effective option when one person isn't currently interested in a joint session.

1:1 sessions can be scheduled for ninety, sixty, or thirty minutes. Ninety-minute sessions include a ten-minute break.

After completing his post-law clerkship in 2017, Alex Glassmann embarked on a career as a divorce and family attorney-mediator. For over six years, he professionally guided separating couples and parents toward common ground, helping them find mutual agreement on the terms of their divorce and co-parenting—all without the need for adversarial attorneys.

Hundreds of divorces revealed a stark truth: Ending a relationship, even collaboratively and amicably, did not always make things better. Many clients discovered that being single didn’t magically erase their struggles. Problems resurfaced, sometimes even more persistently, in post-divorce co-parenting dynamics and new relationships.

And there was a consistent refrain at the end of divorce and separation mediations: Clients would often say, “Thank you for getting us to agree on [a specific topic, such as budgeting, house-selling decisions, or creating a parenting plan, etc.].” This was often followed by the regretful realization that, “If only we had this X years ago, when the disconnect first took root, we wouldn’t have needed to get divorced.”

This insight became the impetus for creating Glassmann Family Coaching LLC, or GFC for short. By reaching couples “upstream” of serious problems, GFC empowers couples to find common ground and build a healthy path forward. And for co-parents, we understand that the journey doesn’t end with divorce, which is why our coaching extends “downstream” from divorce as well.

Whether it’s updating a parenting plan, managing finances, or addressing a discrete communication hurdle, we’ll get you swiftly on your way. Today, as GFC’s consensus coach, Alex’s mission remains the same as it was in his mediation days: coaching couples and parents toward comfortable agreement. He provides efficient, mutual decisions, so that you can return to what you do best.

What's the story behind GFC?

Picture of Alex Glassmann
Picture of Alex Glassmann

Alex Glassmann

Alex Glassmann serves as the Consensus Coach and Co-founder of GFC. With extensive experience working with couples and parents, Alex has a background rooted in mediation and conflict resolution. Prior to co-founding GFC, Alex spent over six years as Senior Lead Mediator at the Erickson Mediation Institute (EMI), one of the oldest mediation firms in the country. During his tenure at EMI, he handled a majority of the firm’s cases and assisted hundreds of couples in resolving their pending or post-divorce situations.

In addition to his work at EMI, Alex also taught mediation at the University of Minnesota Law School. And, he has served in various roles within professional organizations dedicated to family mediation, including the Conflict Resolution Center (CRC), the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Alex’s dedication to the field is further reflected in his past involvement as a council member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Currently, as the Co-founder of GFC, Alex professionally assists couples and parents to find agreement through consensus coaching. By providing parents and couples timely and effective help, GFC strives to empower families and create positive change.

a woman sitting on a chair in a room
a woman sitting on a chair in a room

Kylen Glassmann

Kylen Glassmann, co-founder and CEO of GFC, brings her expertise in early childhood education to the company. Her knowledge and advice directly benefit GFC and its mission to help parents navigate the challenges of (co-)parenthood. Kylen’s passion for improving the lives of families is the driving force behind her leadership at GFC. As an expert in early childhood, she is able to provide valuable insights and guidance to parents seeking to support their child’s development. Her dedication to the cause has helped GFC become a trusted resource for parents and caregivers alike.

Kylen is an accomplished educator with a rich background in both the arts and early childhood education. With a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from the University of Minnesota, Kylen combines her academic expertise with practical experience to foster child development. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre adds a creative dimension to her teaching methods.

Passionate about high-quality early childhood programs, Kylen is a strong advocate for resources that support both children and parents. Her skills in curriculum development are matched by her ability to guide parents through the challenges of early childhood, offering support that engages and informs.

• Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Minnesota Law School, with Honors in Legal Writing.

• Over 6 years of experience as a Mediator and Trainer at the Erickson Mediation Institute, handling the majority of the firm’s cases.

• Former adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, teaching mediation for 4 years.

• Former member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM).

• Served on the Board of Directors of the Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM).

• Former Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Bruce A. Peterson in the Fourth Judicial District of Minnesota.

• Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from the University of Minnesota, 2014-2016.

• Expertise in early childhood education and its practical application in supporting child development.

• Strong advocacy for promoting high-quality early childhood programs and resources.

• Experience in curriculum development and implementation.

• Skilled in providing guidance and support to parents in navigating early childhood challenges.

• Create engaging and educational content for parents and caregivers.

Professional Bios

CEO and Co-Founder

Consensus Coach and Co-Founder

Many clients are referred to us by their in-network mental healthcare provider, who appreciate the way in which our approach complements therapy. These clients sometimes expect our services to be covered by insurance, however...

Currently, our services are only available through private payment. One important advantage of privately paying for our services is the confidentiality it confers upon the process. Insurance companies require private client info. in order to reimburse services.

We keep our coaching 100% confidential, meaning no information is shared with outside parties, including insurance providers.

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black iphone 5 beside brown framed eyeglasses and black iphone 5 c

Is this service billable to insurance?

The guarantee is simple, straightforward, and safe:

If, by any chance, one or both of you is not fully satisfied at the end of a session, we will provide a full refund for that session.

Try us with complete peace of mind, mutual satisfaction guaranteed.

What's the guarantee?

a large red object sitting on top of a wooden dock
a large red object sitting on top of a wooden dock

Initial Joint Session
(two hours, includes intake and ten-minute break, priced hourly per person)


Subsequent Joint Sessions
(two hours or ninety minutes, includes ten-minute break, priced hourly per person)


How much does it cost?

man hugging his wife
man hugging his wife

Individual (1:1) Sessions
(ninety, sixty, or thirty minutes; ninety-minute sessions include ten-minute break; priced hourly)


white and black tablet computer on brown wooden table
white and black tablet computer on brown wooden table

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